Getting to Know Our New Website & Search

New Website Welcome to the new Maloney Library website. With its simple, clean design, our new website makes it easy to find information about popular library services, such as interlibrary loan, study rooms, and databases. New Search The website features a new enhanced search allowing you to find a variety of materials–such as books, articles,… See more

Accessing the Maloney Library During Finals

Starting November 27th, 2017, the Maloney Library will have the following entrances and exits open for law students, in addition to the three main elevators currently operating:   Stairwell D: Student can use Stairwell D to exit the library only. Due to restricted access to the Law Library, Stairwell D cannot be used to enter… See more


What is Darts-IP? Darts-IP offers case law, dockets, complaints and settlements from jurisdictions world-wide, all analyzed and organized by IP professionals. Users can customize a search down to granular details of a specific case or distill wider trends across the IP legal industry. What parts of Darts-IP does Fordham Law Library subscribe to? Currently, the… See more

JULY 2017 Bar Study Access Policy

Free access will continue to be available for all Fordham Law School and Fordham University graduates, with Fordham student ID or Fordham Alumni Association card. Access to bar studiers who are not graduates of Fordham University or Fordham Law School will be granted under the following conditions: – You must be taking a bar review… See more

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