Core Values & Mission

The Maloney Library Core Values are the fundamental principles that guide the library’s policies, practices, and initiatives. The Maloney Library intends to work in consonance with these values in fulfilling its mission.

Maloney Library Core Values


We stand proudly front and center to serve the Fordham Law School Community with energy, generosity, and imagination. We recognize the enduring centrality of the library to the mission of the law school.


We value meaningful and productive working relationships within and outside of the library. We believe in the strength of collaboration and shared ideas.


We promote the ideal of free and open access to legal information to people of all backgrounds, cultures, languages, nationalities and religions.


We endeavor to base our decisions on evidence and to judge our success by measuring outcomes.


We look for balance between our home and work lives and to maintain staff morale.


We seek to do work that is meaningful, intellectually stimulating, and that employs our unique skills, talents, and experience.


We strive to be at the forefront of our profession, to pursue innovation, to welcome change, and to engage in continuous improvement.

Maloney Library Mission Statement

  • The Maloney Library is a center for service in support of the scholarship of Fordham Law School’s faculty and the education of its students.
  • The Maloney Library offers organized access to information across various media reflecting  the interdisciplinary and international scope of current and evolving law.
  • The Maloney Library preserves the intellectual output of Fordham Law School and delivers that output to a global community.
  • The Maloney Library maintains a controlled, inviting, and technologically sophisticated physical space for scholars and students.