Book A Study Seat


  • Seats in the Maloney Library and Law School Building are open only to Fordham Law Students
    (students pursuing a degree from Fordham Law School).
  • Fordham Law Students wishing to study must reserve a seat using this system.
  • Law students may reserve only (4) one-hour slots per day. Slots can be consecutive.
  • Reservations can be made the same day or next day.
    Example: Beginning at 12am Monday morning, reservations can be made for Monday and Tuesday.
  • NOTE: Only designated classrooms may be used for studying. Open classrooms that are not designated as study spaces may NOT be used for studying.

System Features

  • Students will receive an email verification upon making a reservation.

There are three seating locations:

If you encounter a problem please contact:

Louise Choate, Head of Circulation and Access,
Rodman Williams, Evening/Weekend Supervisor,