SPOTLIGHT: LexisNexis Africa

What is LexisNexis Africa?

Lexis Africa is fast positioning itself as the leading provider of legal materials in primarily Anglophone Africa.  Although there is great deal of cases, statutes and secondary legislation available electronically for free, LexisNexis Africa has a superior search engine and also goes back much farther for some sources than can be reliably found on free resources.

What parts of LexisNexis Africa does the Maloney Law Library subscribe to?

Currently, the Maloney Library to the following content:

  • Revised Laws of Gambia
  • Laws of Ghana (last update 2012)
  • Revised Laws of Mauritius
  • Mauritius Law Reports (2004 to 2015)
  • Laws of the Federation of Nigeria (last update 2012)
  • All Nigerian Law Reports (1961 to 2008)
  • De Rebus – South African Attorneys’ Journal
  • Statutes of Swaziland
  • Laws of Uganda

How can I use LexisNexis Africa?

It is usually best to approach the database when you know the name and or year of the legislation or case you are interested in. That said, the database allows you to search across jurisdictions using the advanced search box. You are then able to filter by jurisdiction and year to narrow your search and get more acceptable results.

Where can I get help on using LexisNexis Africa?

If you would prefer to consult with a librarian about this source, please contact Victor Essien, International Law Librarian, or Alison Shea, Head of Reference/Foreign & International Specialist.  Alternatively you may always contact the reference desk via phone at 212-636-6908, or via chat reference.


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