“Extremely helpful, this should be mandatory for all students. Would’ve saved me hours of frustration at summer internship.”

“I liked that it was tailored to the legal profession. Even with tasks that I thought I knew, it was useful to have formal training.”

What is Procertas?

The Procertas Legal Technology Assessment is an online platform that helps users learn core office technology for lawyers: Word, Excel, and PDF. It is focused on tasks lawyers use most frequently.

Users are placed in legal scenarios and asked to perform common tasks with standard software. For example: A user might be provided a marked-up contract as a Word document and asked to prepare it for execution (in a sequence of separate tasks) by turning off tracked changes, accepting all changes, deleting all comments, fixing numbering, updating cross-references, removing metadata, and converting to a PDF.

How does the program work?

Procertas offer both trainers and assessments for each application, using a variety of underlying legal documents (a contract, a memo, a brief, etc.). The trainers provide directions and an instructional video to help you learn the task. The assessments are graded, timed tests so you can see what you know; they will give you a grade, such as beginner or intermediate.

The basic method of the program is Download-Edit-Upload. You start a task by downloading one or more files. Upon download, task instructions will appear in the browser (e.g., remove metadata). You open the document on your own computer and perform the task using your own software. You save, close, and upload the modified file. Once uploaded, the file is reviewed by the LTA’s grading engine. After you log in and prior to starting any module, complete the program’s Tutorial that will walk you through step-by-step.

For more, see the Help & FAQs page.

Why should I do Procertas?

  • Gain skills in basic office technology to help you better complete your class assignments and work product.
  • Lawyers are generally required to be competent in technology for their practice, and it can be news when they aren’t!
  • By completing the training and assessment, you can write “Certified Operator of Basic Office Technology in Microsoft, Word, Excel, and PDF” on your resume and obtain digital badges that you can put on your LinkedIn profile.
  • It can make a big improvement in your basic skills in a small amount of time – most students can complete the Word module in under one hour.

I am convinced! How do I get started?

All upper-level students can contact the reference librarians at to set up an account. First-year students will complete the Word Trainer module as part of Legal Writing in the spring semester and will receive information on participating by mid-January. See the Help & FAQs page for more information on the program.