“Extremely helpful, this should be mandatory for all students. Would’ve saved me hours of frustration at summer internship.”

What it is

The Procertas Legal Technology Assessment is an online training and assessment program that establishes how fluent legal professionals are with the basic technology tools of their trade: Word, Excel, and PDF.

Users can participate in assessments to test their skills or complete trainers to strengthen their skills.

Improved competence with these basic technology tools helps legal professionals do their work more efficiently and focus on the areas where they add the most value.

How it works

Users are placed in legal scenarios and asked to perform common tasks with standard software. For example:

A user might be provided a marked-up contract as a Word document and asked to prepare it for execution (in a sequence of separate tasks) by turning off tracked changes, accepting all changes, deleting all comments, fixing numbering, updating cross-references, removing metadata, and converting to a PDF.

If you are interested in learning new skills yourself or assigning a component of the program, contact Janet Kearney at

Students: Participate in the Procertas Challenge and enter to win prizes. See the Challenge page for all the details.

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