Juneteenth – Maloney Library Closed 6/19/2020

In remembrance of Junteenth the library will be closed with no reference or liaison service on Friday, June 19. We welcome Fordham University president Father McShane’s announcement that Juneteenth will be celebrated as a Fordham University holiday henceforth, and hope that our patrons will spend some portion of the day reflecting upon how they might… See more

Returning Your Library Books

If you are returning to law school in the fall, don’t worry about returning your books. We will extend your renewal date to August 31. If you are a graduating student, please contact our Head of Circulation, Louise Choate, at for more information on how to return your books.

Summer & Graduate Access to Westlaw, Lexis, and Bloomberg Law

The following policies apply to current Fordham Law School students seeking to use their Bloomberg Law, Lexis, or Westlaw accounts over the summer: Bloomberg Law โ€“ Full, unrestricted access Lexis โ€“ Full, unrestricted access Westlaw โ€“ Non-commercial use only (e.g., summer coursework, research assistant assignments, law review or journal research, moot court research, non-profit work,… See more

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