Spotlight: Darts-IP

What is Darts-IP?

Darts-IP offers case law, dockets, complaints and settlements from jurisdictions world-wide, all analyzed and organized by IP professionals. Users can customize a search down to granular details of a specific case or distill wider trends across the IP legal industry.

What parts of Darts-IP does Fordham Law Library subscribe to?

Currently, the Maloney Library subscribes to the Trademark and Patent modules on this platform.

What are the most useful features of Darts-IP?

Topical organization system

Darts-IP created a taxonomy for organizing case law which they call “Points of Law”. This system assists the user in identifying legal issues and helps to create a more focused search.

Searching options

Within the Trademark module, Darts-IP allows the user to search by party, trademark, court, date, citation, Nice Classification, decision, and action type. It gives the user tons of control when performing a trademark comparison, as well as allowing the user to compare similarities between goods, services, and classes.

The Patent module has similar functionality to the Trademark module. In addition, the user can:

  • perform a damages search based on a number of calculation methods
  • do a claim construction search to hone in on dispute terms and how they were construed by courts
  • filter to search just pharmaceutical cases
  • filter to search within patent families


One of the exciting and unique features of Darts-IP is the Statistics section. For those seeking empirical information on case law decisions, procedure duration, product similarity, damages, and claim construction, this is an excellent place to look.

Where can I get help with using Darts-IP?

The site offers Video Tutorials on utilizing certain search features of the Patent and Trademark modules. If you would prefer to consult with a librarian about this source, please contact the reference desk via phone at 212-636-6908, or via chat reference.

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