Privacy Policy

The Maloney Library is committed to protecting the privacy of all library patrons:

Law Library Website

Like many universities, The Maloney Library uses the Google Analytics service to improve its website by analyzing its visitors’ usage. This includes items such as search terms and offsite resources accessed via the search interface on the law library homepage. The Maloney Library does not associate any site usage with a specific user.

The Maloney Library does not share its Google Analytics statistics with anyone, except in an aggregated form (number of visits, pages viewed, etc.) in the library’s annual report to Fordham University. Google’s privacy policy states that it will not give Analytics data to any third party unless required by law. Patrons can read Google’s policies regarding its Analytics service and its complete privacy policy here [see #7].

With the exception of the Google Analytics service, the Maloney Library does not use cookies to track the use of its website. The Maloney Library does not allow third parties to use or read cookies on patrons’ computers via the The Maloney Library website.

Third-Party Resources

The Maloney Library website links to many websites, such as those in the Databases section. Some library services, such as Ask A Librarian and LawILLIAD, are provided by outside vendors. Although third-party websites and services may be accessed from the Maloney Library’s website, the Maloney Library has no control over these websites and services. Third parties have their own privacy policies applied to patrons using their resources. Patrons may wish to familiarize themselves with third-party privacy policies.

The Maloney Library does not log any patron activity on outside websites, even when patrons are connected to these sites through the Maloney Library’s proxy server. The Maloney Library only aggregates how many times a resource is used.

Law Library Catalog

The Maloney Library does use Google Analytics on its catalog. Google Analytics is not used on the My Library Account service.  No usernames, passwords, or searches are captured by Google Analytics. Patrons must make sure to log off My Library Account when using a shared computer to protect their personal information.

Reference Inquiries

Records or notes about reference inquiries (including information identifying the patron and sources consulted) may be maintained by individual librarians and shared with other Fordham Law School librarians solely for the purpose of improving patron service.

The Maloney Library uses Gimlet to record reference interactions. The Maloney Library does not share the information stored in Gimlet with any outside party.

The Maloney Library evaluates anonymous transcripts of Ask A Librarian (chat reference) sessions for quality-control purposes. These transcripts are never shared with anyone outside the library and are deleted after staff review.

In accordance with New York law (N.Y. C.P.L.R. 4509), information described above is not shared outside the Maloney Library.

Interlibrary Loan

The information contained in Interlibrary Loan requests is confidential. The Maloney Library retains records of all LawILLIAD requests. However, the Maloney Library does not share this information and does not use Google Analytics on LawILLIAD.


The Maloney Library will disclose information in all the above mentioned categories to a third party when required by law or to protect the resources of the Maloney Library.


The information provided in this privacy policy does not give business, legal, tax, or other advice or warrant the security of information provided through this website.


For questions about the Maloney Library privacy policy, please contact Tom Kaczorowski, Systems and Emerging Technologies Librarian.