Technology Use

The electronic resources of the Maloney Library are provided as a service to the faculty, students, staff, and guests of the Fordham Law School in support of its mission. Access to these resources is a privilege. They must be used in accordance with Fordham University’s Acceptable Use Policy, the policies below, and all relevant laws, regulations, and contractual obligations.

Databases and other electronic resources provided by purchase or lease through the Maloney Library are governed by the terms and conditions of the license agreement between the Maloney Library and the resource provider. Some databases carry an online copyright notice or a detailed statement of their specific terms and conditions. The points below offer general guidelines for acceptable use of licensed databases. A database’s own statement takes precedence over these general guidelines. If you have questions about a specific database, please consult its online notice or contact:

Jennifer Dixon
Serials & Electronic Resources Librarian
(212) 636-6705

Authorized Users

Current Fordham Law School students, faculty, and staff may access LexisNexis, Westlaw, and Bloomberg Law and are entitled to both in-person and remote access to all licensed electronic resources of the Maloney Library. Current Fordham University students, faculty, and staff, Fordham Law School alumni, and authorized visitors are entitled to in-person access to licensed electronic resources other than LexisNexis, Westlaw, and Bloomberg Law.

Authorized Use

  • Viewing materials on a screen.
  • Printing a copy of any record retrieved from a search.
  • Storing on electronic storage media (e.g. flash drive) any record retrieved from a search and displaying it later on a screen or printing it on paper.

Prohibited Use

  • Any use constituting a crime.
  • Any fraudulent or deceptive use.
  • Any use that violates U.S. copyright law.
  • Any use of licensed electronic resources for commercial purposes.
  • Systematic downloading, copying, scanning, or printing of materials. These functions should be limited to an individual’s research needs.
  • Systematic transmission or redistribution (either on paper or electronically) of material from electronic resources to any individual or institution not involved in Fordham University education or research.
  • Downloading of whole issues of journals or attempts to create large databases.
  • Using Fordham Law School facilities or resources to violate the policies of other computer systems or organizations.
  • Uploading, downloading, or installing software for purposes of copyright violation, hacking, or unauthorized Internet communication.
  • Sharing of passwords, access codes, or licensed software clients.
  • Using robots, spiders, crawlers, or any software designed to automatically browse the Web, record web-browsing activity, or systematically download electronic resources.
  • Attempting to gain unauthorized access to restricted areas of the Maloney Library website, accounts, computer systems, or networks connected to the website.
  • Interfering with another user’s use and enjoyment of the services provided by the Maloney Library.